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The team

Our Professional Team

Wolfgang Sauer

The Big Boss

François Sauer

Sales Manager USA

Michelle Sauer

Style developer manager for accessories and garments

Dennis Sauer

Sales Manager Benelux & Marketing Manager

Thomas Goppold

Sales Manager Germany

Tania Querci

Order management and product development manager

Anna Maria Racana

Sales & Product search Germany & Benelux

Silvia Mannori


Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

At Sauer Textile, we strive to be the key link in the textile and fashion industry value chain. Our mission is to serve both ends of the spectrum – from textile manufacturers and fashion accessories providers to fashion brands seeking the best materials for their unique collections.

For our suppliers, we offer a deep understanding of the trends in our markets, promoting and selling their products to relevant brands. We work as their voice and eyes in the market, ensuring their products find the right platforms and audiences.

For our clients, we serve as a trusted advisor and guide in the complex world of textiles and fashion. We help them navigate the market, select the perfect materials, and facilitate a smooth supply process.

We value every collaboration and aim to ‘breathe life’ into our partnerships, reflecting the essence of ‘Sauerstoff’ – the German word for oxygen. At Sauer Textile, we seek to be the vital ‘oxygen’ that powers growth and success for all our partners.

Welcome to Sauer Textile – where we bridge the gap between the makers and the market.

Textile Industry Experience
Product Diversity
Consistent Support
Global Presence
Innovation and Adaptability

How We Works

At the heart of our success is a collaborative, innovative, and customer and supplier-focused approach, enabling us to provide tailored and effective solutions in the dynamic world of the textile and fashion industry.


We believe in the power of team spirit and work together to create solutions tailored to the unique needs of our suppliers and customers.


We keep abreast of the latest developments in the textile and fashion industries to provide cutting-edge advice and service.

Customer and Supplier Focus

We prioritize the interests of our customers and suppliers, maintaining a continuous dialogue to ensure optimal outcomes.