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About us

Over 130 Years of Mastering the Textile and Fashion Industry

Since 1889, the Sauer family has been an integral part of the textile and fashion industry. Originating as a manufacturer of carded, wool-blended fabrics for clothing in the city of Forst Lausitz, Germany, we have woven our rich heritage into every fabric of this business.

Our resilient spirit has seen us through the turbulent times of two World Wars, always finding ways to salvage, recover, and restore our productivity to its zenith.

Post the Second World War, our production activity took root in Berlin. The testing times of the Communist occupation in East Berlin led to the expropriation of our textile factory, forcing us to seek refuge in West Berlin. Despite these challenges, we held onto our steadfast resolve, not allowing adversity to dissolve our legacy.

In 1949, we embraced transformation and leveraged our expansive experience to assist Italian manufacturers in crafting fabrics that resonated with the tastes of Northern European clientele.

By 1950, we had constructed a robust sales organization. Acting as representatives for fabric and textile materials producers, we fortified numerous businesses’ commercial activities, fostering product development and enhancing sales prowess.

In 1980, we expanded our horizon as a representative agency for textile accessories such as scarves, gloves, hats, and ponchos.

The dawn of 2010 saw us venturing into sales representation for garment producers, enabling us to offer our clients a holistic, ‘complete package.’

Dive deeper into our story below to discover more about our journey and expertise.

Exploring Today's Sauer Textile

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Here at Sauer Textile, we take pride in being representatives of manufacturers specialized in a diverse range of textile products. Our extensive portfolio includes both woven and knit fabrics, as well as accessories such as scarves, hats, ponchos, and bags. We also represent makers of garments, covering the full spectrum from classic tailoring to knitwear.

Our service footprint spans across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and New York. We are committed to bridging the gap between producers and customers, ensuring regular customer visits for the promotion of new collections every season, and offering continuous support to our suppliers and customers through our mediation.

At Sauer Textile, our passion lies within the textile industry, and we’re always prepared to adapt to the fluctuating needs of our customers. It’s our unwavering commitment to remain at the forefront of textile representation, poised to meet the continually evolving demands of the fashion and textile industries.

Once upon a time …

  • Letterhead to celebrate the first fifty years of activity

    The history of the Sauer family’s involvement in the textile/clothing sector began a very long time ago.

  • Wilhelm Sauer


    Wilhelm Sauer founded the “Wilhelm Sauer Tuchfabrik” woolen mill in Forst-Lausitz, Germany.

  • Wilhelm Sauer

    During World War I

    The company experienced its first serious crisis, but its activity continued under Wilhelm’s son Philipp, who led the company until it closed in the mid-1940s, during World War II.

  • In 1939

    The Werner Sauer with his parents Elisabeth and Philipp Sauer
    The company celebrated its 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, the year also marked the star of World War II. For the second time, the family activity suffered grave setbacks – and this time wound down to its conclusion.

  • In the Post-War Period

    Werner, Philipp’s son, moved to Berlin, taking with him as much of the company machinery as he could. He relaunched production, above all for the occupying Soviet army with was in need of quantities of woolen blankets. But in 1949, with the advent of the German Democratic Republic and its Soviet-inspired government, Werner and his family were forced to leave, escaping at night and in secret to West Berlin. Everything that remained of the original family activity was now definitively lost.

  • Letterhead of the “Weaving Werner Sauer” in Berlin.

    In the 1950s

    Werner Sauer began representing several important woolen mills in Prato, Italy, such as “Luconi figli di Gino”, “Ezio Morelli di Morello”, “Rosati Adelmo”, and “Nerini & Carpini”. This was the start of a new season for the Sauer family’s activity in the textile sector: no longer direct manufacturers, but an agency providing representation and services for others.

  • In the late 1960s

    Following various experiences in the textile industry Wolfgang, Werner’s son, founded the “Sauer” agency of textile sector representatives in Prato – and his first correspondent in Berlin was his father, Werner.
  • The three Sauer Brother: Dennis, Michelle and François

    Dennis, Wolfgang’s third-born, joined the Sauer team, and started to follow the sales in Germany.

  • In the 2015,

    Some customers for fabric and textile accessories, who have always used the services of our organization, have begun to ask us to find suppliers of clothing “Made in Italy”, where they could then eventually, have some styles from their collection produced with the “privat label” system .

    Over the years our agency has become more and more professional in this garments production agency sector, managing to consult on the product for style, for taste, colors and to support brands that wish to produce their “made in Italy” clothing. Knowing the territory, the best producers for clothing, having within our staff qualified for the development and follow up of this product.

Today From all of this varied activity and experience, a brand burned: “SAUER TEXTILE“, a synonym of the competence, creativity and organizational skill that one family has accrued in more then 120 years of activity in the textile/clothing sector.

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