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There’s no life without oxygen
Our family serves the textile industry since 1889
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Services to the supplier

We provide consulting services concerning products and quality/price ratios.

We guarantee a constant presence in the territory, with the aim of kindling clients’ interest in the collections of the suppliers we represent.

We promote the collections through participation in all the sector trade fairs held in our areas of competence, with striking stand presentations.

We manage organization of invitations and visits by our clients to the stands of our suppliers on occasion of the top international trade fairs, as full-service representatives and marketing intermediaries.

We act as sales office for the markets we serve. We conduct all the necessary back-office activities and handle relations between suppliers and clients.

Services to the customer

Each new season:

We present the new collections we represent, at all of the trade fairs for the markets on which we work.

We organize meetings at our clients’ premises and turn our full attention to understanding of which articles clients are most in need.

We oversee the entire marketing development process, from preliminary sampling through finished product delivery.

We conduct on-site inspections to verify that what is sent by suppliers corresponds, in quality terms, to what our clients have in fact ordered. For this reason, we have our own Offices with qualified personnel at the locations of productions.

Such factors as observance of the quality standards set for goods, precise, punctual delivery, and clear communications between client and supplier are critically important and call for competent, professional management – skills that we, thanks to our lengthy experience in the sector, can confidently offer.

Digital services

We are an organization oriented to digital communication.

For our suppliers we can design, film and edit effective, totally professional product presentations.

We use a continuous contact system with the customer, using the most modern digital systems, through videos and mailing lists.

We can prepare online meetings at any time, on any platform, with live streaming images in high definition and with excellent audio and a lighting system that allows you to see both the colors of the fabrics and the quality very well.

The Essence of Sauer Textile: Our Legacy and Mission

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Sauer Textile is an embodiment of international sophistication and distinguished expertise, carefully crafted by the Sauer family through a century-long journey in the textile and clothing sector.

In the present day, we have honed our specialization in outsourcing, representation, consulting, market research, and sales in the textile industry. Our mission extends beyond mere business transactions; we strive to breathe life into every collaboration, reflecting the essential nature of ‘Sauerstoff’ – the German word for oxygen.

As Werner Sauer aptly puts it, ‘There’s no life without oxygen. Ohne Sauerstoff kein Leben‘. At Sauer Textile, we aim to be the vital ‘oxygen’ that powers your business growth and success.

Why We Built This Website:
Sauer Textile's Digital Mission

Your Guide in the World of Textiles

In this digital age, we at Sauer Textile understand the importance of a strong online presence. With the creation of this website, we aim to extend our dedication and expertise in the textile industry to an online platform where we can connect, guide, and work more effectively with you.

We see ourselves as more than just a sales representative for textile manufacturers – we are your trusted advisor and partner in the vast world of the textile and fashion industry. If you are a textile, accessories, or clothing manufacturer, our goal is to integrate our services seamlessly with your operations. We specialize in devising effective sales strategies, promoting your products to the right markets, and enhancing your visibility and profit margins.

And if you are a fashion brand, building a unique clothing line, we are here to help you understand the latest trends and select the most suitable materials and designs for your collections. We are ready to present our represented collections or assist you in sourcing the ideal product that meets your quality standards and fits within your budget.

With Sauer Textile, you are never alone in your journey. We stand by your side, ensuring that your productions are delivered promptly to your facilities. As a family business deeply rooted in the textile industry since 1889, we pride ourselves on cultivating robust, enduring relationships with our partners.

Through this website, we are excited to bring you closer to the world of Sauer Textile, and together, we can weave the fabric of our shared success.